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Acceleration is the name we give to any process where the velocity changes. Since velocity is a speed and direction, there are only two ways for you to accelerate: change your speed or change your direction-or change both. 

Are you ready to ACCELERATE your economic development program? Are you ready to ACCELERATE into a new direction? Are you ready to ACCELERATE your strategies? Are you ready to ACCELERATE your marketing? Are you ready to ACCELERATE your leadership?  Are you ready to ACCELERATE your team? Are you ready to ACCELERATE your attitude? 

We can help you ACCELERATE.  


Welcome to ACCELERATION by design LLC, a boutique economic development firm designed to meet the unique needs of cities, counties and regions throughout the nation.  

Specializing in keynote presentations, facilitation, comprehensive training and dynamic workshops...the diversity of the ACCELERATION™ programs were created to bring a fresh, new approach to economic development planning, marketing, trade shows, leadership and more. In addition to almost three decades of high level economic development experience, Lorie has become a nationally sought after speaker on many topics beyond economic development including entrepreneurship, team building, women's issues, encouragement and well, just life in general. :)  She is a dynamic speaker filled with humor, wit and inspiration.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a customized proposal for your consideration based upon your specific objectives. It is our desire to adopt your needs, embrace your stakeholders, immerse ourselves in your organization and enthusiastically work with you to ACCELERATE your vision and maximize your results. Most importantly, if our knowledge and experience is not a good fit for your needs...there's a good chance we know someone who will be. 

Let's talk. 


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We offer the ACCELERATION by design™, fast forward ACCELERATION™, ACCELERATION in motion™ and ACCELERATE your attitude™ programs. The training, planning and workshop programs are   impactful & thought-provoking. The keynote presentations are uplifting, humorous and inspirational. We welcome the opportunity to customize a project or collaboration based on your specific needs.  It's all about you.  Let's Accelerate. 

The Accelerator

Lorie Vincent, CEcD, is a nationally renowned speaker, trainer, writer, consensus builder and all around rabble rouser. A certified economic developer, Lorie is the creator and presenter of the many ACCELERATION™ programs. Her knowledge runs deep and her enthusiasm is contagious. Let her trailblazing experiences help you to ACCELERATE your next program or initiative. Plus, she has some cool & smart friends that she often brings along!   

The Velocity File

Take a look at our blog The Velocity File! It is full of insight, experiences, resources and inspiration!  

 The Velocity File will also include great  contributions from our many friends and associates from all over the world.  We believe in learning from each other!  You never know what the next topic will be! 

Join us on our adventures!     




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Cedar Park | TX | 78613


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