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"...Lorie has a warm and engaging way of including all stakeholders in her ACCELERATION programs.  Her knowledge of economic development trends, strategies, resources and

marketing is extensive and her enthusiasm is contagious...."

"...Lorie had me laughing out loud.  Her tales had me rolling. 

Definitely the Erma Bombeck of our generation..."

"...I walked away from Lorie's training with more usable and practical resources than I

have ever received in a professional development  course.  Thank you Lorie for

sharing decades of experience with us..." 



A popular speaker, writer and trainer, Lorie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the industry.  Lorie is a strong proponent of regionalism, an advocate for rural America, a public relations maven, a kick butt event planner and a traditional economic development practitioner who has a proven record of results.  Her training & workshops are engaging and thought-provoking while her motivational keynote speeches are a combination of inspiration, wit & humor.  Her expertise is in making the audience think about visionary new perspectives.

As the creator and presenter of the ACCELERATION Programs, let Lorie bring her special brand of training, planning, presentations and custom campaigns to your organization.  

Lorie Vincent Headshot 1 July 2021.jpg
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