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FOLLOW-UP: My Fall 2018 ReConnection Crusade

Yesterday I posted a blog about a month long personal crusade that I am undergoing to take back my time, reconnect with important people in my life and attempt to spread some kindness in a world so filled with strife, anger, uncertainty and stress.

The response was overwhelming. While I did step away from social media for the month of October....the calls, emails and messages I received were overwhelming, humbling and encouraging. My original intent was to share my Fall ReConnection Crusade List privately with the few I thought might be interested. But in light of the responses, I am attaching the list to this post. Several have indicated that they would like to share the list with their Co-Workers, Networking Groups, Youth Groups, Sunday School Classes, etc. Some said they are going to get together with friends and divide up the list among them! What a wonderful way to ReConnect!

This list is not rocket science. Anyone could have compiled it. But through my life experiences and research, this is a comprehensive list of small acts that can reap a big impact.

The ReConnection Crusade List is completely separate from my plan to go dark on social media---that's just a personal step I'm taking this month to be more intentional with my time. I specifically chose to undergo these two challenges simultaneously....take a break from social media and complete the ReConnection List. To hit the reset button. Rejuvenate before the holidays. Clear the lint from my mind from a fast & crazy year. And to go into 2019 with purpose, passion and optimism for the future. Those are my personal objectives.

So for those who requested you go! You can find the list at this link.

I knocked out two items yesterday and will complete two more today. It wasn't hard. It didn't take much time. But I can tell you that in just the past 36 hours, my spirit has been lifted and my heart is already full of hope and excitement about what the rest of my October is going to be like. It's going to be AMAZING!

So for all you who have decided to embark on a ReConnection journey with won't regret it. There's no grade, no accountability, no one checking to see if you did it or didn't do it. Even if you just check one, two or five items off the list....your heart will know it. And your life will be better for it.

If something truly important happens that I need to know about this month, someone will call and let me know. In the meantime, happy birthday and happy anniversary to all who celebrate this month and I will look forward to seeing all of the photos of Halloween shenanigans on November 1st.

Happy Fall Y'all!


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