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Happy Third Birthday ACCELERATION by design LLC

Three years ago today, I jumped into the deep end with no floaties. What started as a dream became a reality. ACCELERATION by design LLC opened its doors as a boutique economic development firm, specializing in training, planning and facilitation. It also serves as an umbrella for my 30 year career as an economic developer, professional speaker, author and all-around rabble rouser.

I’ve been very blessed these past three years.

My friends became clients, and my clients became friends.

Even in the difficult third year with the pandemic, we surpassed 60 clients, projects and 12 states. We have experienced growing pains, hard lessons and unexpected hurdles. We’ve done some things BIG and some things small. Some LOUD. And some quiet. Most LIVE and some virtual. Most RIGHT. Some wrong. We have changed perspectives, opened minds and made a difference. What a journey it has been so far. I’m so appreciative of every single client who jumped on the train with us.

In true Lorie fashion....I’ve learned every entrepreneurial lesson the HARD way. And I will continue to learn things the hard way. Risk-takers always do. I may get a little beat up and bruised in our growing efforts, but our desire to stay the course has never wavered. Luckily, I have amazing mentors who have been there to teach me the ropes and pitfalls to avoid AND an abundance of friends to provide feedback, therapy and wine when needed. (Which is ALOT). I have awesome bankers with incredible patience & fortitude. Thank Goodness! And a family whose support has been steadfast and rock solid. They are my personal Board of Directors.

But if you are ever thinking of starting your own business, pull up a chair and a case of beer and I'll tell you everything "not" to do. That may be my next book. "How to dodge the flying monkeys on your way to a thriving business!"

Throughout my career I have intentionally surrounded myself with friends, partners and associates who share the same passion for economic development, rural communities, downtown revitalization, leadership, member engagement, party planning and chaos coordinating as much as I do. I’m attracted to big thinkers and bold actors like a magnet.

We strive to provide our clients with a custom and unique experience designed just for them. We have a very “action oriented” philosophy and a “no excuses” attitude.

When I say “we” it’s because I have built a team of partners, experts and professionals in various capacities to ensure our clients’ needs are met. I rely on their knowledge and experience to provide the best outcomes possible. I purposely hang out with smarty pants and wise guys (and women) that help take each project to the next level, beyond anything I could ever do alone. I’m so thankful for my professional pals and the joy it has been to work with each of them. So when you hire me, you are really getting “the posse."

What does year FOUR look like for us? A big Rural Summit in West Virginia, a new Women’s event in the Fall, additional staff, a new website and marketing materials for my quickly expanding company, the launch of two books (finally!), multiple speaking engagements, awesome consulting clients and whatever else we can cram into our 29+ hour days. I’m missing my sprints through the airports and can’t wait for regular business travel to resume!

More importantly, in year FIVE, we’ll make the announcement of a dream project I have been working on for decades. I have twelve months to get ready for the next big mountain to climb.

Plus, I have to somehow work a little in Wisconsin. You know why. 🧡

So today, I just pause and reflect on how fast and slow the last three years have gone. I’m proud of what we’re building. I cherish the memories and friendships already made. And look forward to some crazy, big, awesome, challenging and fulfilling times ahead. The life of an entrepreneur is not easy, but oh so rewarding. It’s terrifying, exhausting and awesome.

It will also give you grey hair, insomnia and a few ulcers as party favors.

I only have one gear. An ACCELERATION mode. No reverse. No idle. No neutral. Just forward. If you work with us just know....we tackle each project hard. And we’re going to accidentally have fun while we’re doing it.

If that sounds like the way you want to ACCELERATE, then we’re your firm. If not, give me a holler anyway, because I’m blessed with some super cool friends and I’m happy to connect you with the perfect person for your needs.

Was I crazy to start this adventure 3 years ago today?


Happy Third Birthday ACCELERATION by design LLC.

Life is short. Eat the cake. Let’s Go!

"My friends became clients, and my clients became friends."

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